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Departments of Qaser Wasit Al-Handasey Co

Qaser Wasit Al-Handasey Company has four departments by which it manage all types of projects and complete it in time and in a professional way. The divisions of our company let us move in a study steps and decrease / finish any problem which may happen. These divisions are as below:

  • Managements Department
  • Design Department
  • Execution Department
  • Finance Department

    • 1- Management Department

    is represented by the manager of the company and his advisors who take the decisions related to participate in projects and their types, provinces of work, attend the meetings with the companies and organizations and achieve the agreements.

      2 - Design Department was established to address, promote and achieve a number of objectives related to the professional philosophy of its founders. These objectives include:

  • General improvement of city urban outlook through the creation of outstanding architectural models and mature architectural experiences.
  • Provide real value manifested in total solutions for customers requirements that exceed their expectations.
  • Attempt to create urban developments that respect and value the diversification of sites and environments.
  • Offer comprehensive solutions for a wide range of clients in the context of urban development and investment, and work on the long term success of projects. In order to achieve its objectives and provide the highest level of consulting services. Design Department has built a team of professionals with high technical and artistic qualifications. Our team includes a selected Company of architects and engineers covering all fields and disciplines related to engineering consulting services.
    • 3 - Execution Department is the department which shows our ability to implement project in a short time with maximum quality. This Department has expert structural engineers who can achieve all types of projects, lead our team at the site of work, review and give decisions in a short time to increase the speed of daily progress depending on Engineering Standard Specifications. The objective of this department includes:

  • Studying structural design and checking procedures for the different execution phases. .
  • Preparing the constructional techniques for structural works.
  • Site supervision with advanced procedures for high quality control.
  • Studying/assessing structural problems and optimizing structural solutions.
  • Comparison of projects design by computer applications in the structural analysis and design process.
  • Preparing project specifications for structural works.
  • Extensive knowledge in upgrading and rehabilitation of existing structures including familiarity with materials and procedures, defect survey and failure assessment.
    • 4- This department is responsible for studying the projects financially and provides the budget. The team of this department is preparing general information about the project cost and the ways of providing the amounts to complete job in time. Finance department has accountants who have great experience through their work with governmental directorate and get more experience through their work with our company.

      Company specialties

  • General (Oil and Gas) Service, pipe line, valves, chemicals, etc.
  • Heavy Civil Works – Reinforced concrete walls, retaining walls, different Kinds of security towers and flats.
  • Highway construction, maintenance and repair
  • - Designing and development of other types of roads and drainage systems within The locality, including wire laying and drainage pipe pulling.
  • Manufacture and install different sizes of security barrier
  • (Concrete walls and columns) for large scale projects.
  • Fiber-optic, and power cable installation.
  • Structural engineering steel works.
  • Carrying out electrical and mechanical works.
  • Supply construction materials for the projects
  • Carrying out digging and embankment works.
  • Providing furniture, electronic and survey devices.
  • All Trade Projects